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This must be the Place II Espresso
This must be the Place II Espresso
This must be the Place II Espresso

This must be the Place II Espresso

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Flavour Profile: With notes of sweet, clean chocolate and hints of earthy, wild florals, this blend works well for milk base espresso drinks,  or without milk.

Origin(s): South America / Oceania /Africa


Similar to our flagship House Filter Blend, this espresso is inspired by our surroundings and the many beautiful places to visit in the area of Hemsedal.  Hydalen would be one of those places. It is a must-see on your list of things to see and do when visiting. We like to hike out there an camp and brew some great coffee in the morning with one heck of a view.


Espresso is the focused method however you can brew it to filter since we understand most folks dont have an espresso machine.

 You will want to dial in this coffee with your grinder and machine setup. 

Our recipe and method is:

Dose 18.5 g IN - 36g yield OUT Goal (Total Shot time: 28-32 sec)

We like to warm our espresso machine up at least 30 min before brewing. We our lucky to have soft water here in the mountains. (Please check what your water content is for full extraction benefits). We like to weigh all our shots with a digital scale and do WDT (Wiess distribution Technique), use a distribution tool, and then tamp. We look for a nice even coffee bed and in the cup a medium body texture. Please swirl the espresso or stiff 5 times with a spoon before tasting. 

Enjoy the Journey!