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The Alps Press Jug coffee maker
The Alps Press Jug coffee maker
The Alps Press Jug coffee maker
The Alps Press Jug coffee maker

The Alps Press Jug coffee maker

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We still remember as kids our folks making coffee this way each morning. Super simple, quick, makes easy going syrupy delicious balanced coffee. There are many  French press on the market mostly made of glass, however we like this one since its mountain tough and made with thermo steel. Not even an avalanche could destroy this one. Its keeps your brew nice and hot if you have to attend to the kids in the morning or clean up from camp breakfast.

We have tested it out in nature camping many times and for groups of 3 or more we like to make coffee this way. Keep the V60 or aeropress for when your in solo mode or just one another. 

This Alps press jug coffee maker is a simple solid and indestructible. 


Capacity 1 liter

Solid stainless steel craft

Top chamber stainless steel with metal screen

No plastic 

Brew Guide

We recommend slightly coarser ground coffee than for filter brews. And always use fresh cold mountain water as you boil it.

    • Weigh 60-75 grams of coffee, grinder into a press jug and pour it into the jug. If you enjoy it a little bolder in strength go 65-70g
    • Then you boil a liter (1000g) of water which you pour carefully into the press jug together with the water.
    • Let the coffee steep for 4 minutes. Now comes the trick itself that will lift your press jug brew: Take one or two tablespoons and scrape away the foam on top of the press jug. Do not be afraid to bring coffee grounds, it's just fine. Now the brewing is over anyway so it has nothing to say.
    • Once you have removed the foam, you can insert the plunger and press it to the bottom.
    • Now the coffee is ready!