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**New The Myth Harahorn Blend
**New The Myth Harahorn Blend
**New The Myth Harahorn Blend
**New The Myth Harahorn Blend

**New The Myth Harahorn Blend

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Flavour profile: clean, complex, brown sugar sweet, notes of milk and toffee waffer chocolate. Citrus acidity.

Origin(s): Central / South America

Process: Natural /Washed
Varieties: Yellow Bourbon, Bourbon, Catimor, Caturra, Maragogype, Pache

Elevation: 1500 MASL

Roast style: Light 💡/ Medium


The Myth Harahorn blend was inspired by the legend of the Harahorn (Aka Jackalope) the roams in the high mountain peaks 🏔️ surrounding  Hallingdal. These mythical shy animals have been known at only scavenging and enjoying the sweetest, ripest berries at high altitudes—similar to where world class coffee is grown and hand picked. Its components are made up of fresh seasonally sourced Central & South American specialty grade coffees. In the cup you will find milk chocolate wafer, brown sugar, round and clean.

In the coffee professional world they are referred to as “gateway blends” with their intention of offering a gateway or cross roads into the world of higher quality. The Harahorn blend is approachable, easy to brew and drink, and fun.

We welcome the new “Base of Nature” blend to go alongside Lucky Lynx blend in our core offerings, which has been going strong now for three years.

We have been testing this blend at local grocery stores for just under  a year, and it seems to be snatched up quick by coffee lovers out there. So we thought now was a good time to release it to the universe and  as a yearly offering on our menu for our true alps fans out there and new ones to come.


  All brew methods work well. We llive it as a V60 switch pour over and also nice on espresso with milk.

* Note /. For customers without a coffee grinder this coffee you have the option to choose grinded coffee. We grind all our coffees on our EK43 Mahlkonig commercial grinder.



"We have tried all Scandinavian Alps coffee and now we really like this one and get it at Kiwi Hemsedal" - Sonja.S