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Badass Bear Espresso
Badass Bear Espresso
Badass Bear Espresso
Badass Bear Espresso
Badass Bear Espresso

Badass Bear Espresso

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Our espresso made it “back to back into the Norwegian Barista Championships 2023 & now 2024 

Taste Profile:

“Chocolate fudge brownie, hazelnut-rich body.”

This is a seasonal, rotating blend.

Origin(s):  South America

Country: Brazil
Farm Name: Fazenda Furnas
Region: Pedralva, Carmo de Minas, Minas Gerais
Altitude: (MASL) 945–1350 masl
Process: Natural
Varieties: Yellow Bourbon
Taste: Juicy, sweet and winey with
orange, praline and chocolate flavors.

Process: Natural
Varieties: Yellow Bourbon
Taste: Smooth operator, with almond, praline, toffee
and citrus fruit flavours.

Sourced by Cafe Imports

Our flagship espresso blend, Badass Bear, is widely consumed throughout Norway. This coffee has the most diverse origins, varietals, and processing techniques of all of our blends. Badass Bear  has a long-lasting chocolate finish, crisp, caressing acidity, and full-bodied richness. The fundamental taste components and sophisticated acidity of the blend are derived from a blend of South  American coffees. To ensure that Badass Bear tastes fantastic all year round, we add from a seasonal assortment of coffees to this.


The story on this blend comes from experimenting with many origin flavor profiles and sample blends. There was a moment when someone said on the cupping table - hey this is pretty “badass”. So we choose that blend and named it that as well. That was almost 5 years ago and these days we have kept the saying going as a kind of "Moto" in the roastery. "Stay Badass":- It means every intention, purpose or vision for the future has to be worthy. If it doesn't meet the "badass" litmus test,  then we simply won't do it. 

This blend works well for espresso lovers on it own, however versatile towards milk base espresso drinks. 


Ideally brewing on an espresso machine with 9-bars of pressure will really maximize tastes but we have a lot of customers that enjoy it on filter as well. Our go to recipe is a 2:1 ratio. A 20g basket and 40g liquid yield out in 28-32 seconds is where we find the complex sweet sugars, balance and long finish on the pallet.

Depending on your grinder quality we would say go as fine as possible until it starts to taste bitter, then just back off the grinder one or two settings to find the sweet spot. 

French press 

Drip machine 

Pour over 


Mocha Pot



" We always bring the badass espresso on hiking trips in Summer. It always makes getting up in the morning easier even when its a rainy day. We brew it with our little Italian Stovetop pot" - Glenn

"Badass coffee and a badass roastery" - MRC Alps Fan