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Hario Thermos Jug
Hario Thermos Jug

Hario Thermos Jug

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These heavy duty mountain tough thermos are perfect for brewing in the mountains. We have tested these for a few years now and we like them for two main reasons: If were in a rush to head out the door and want more then one cup of coffee will simply brew a half pot and out we go. Second, this jug is great if you have young curious kids around the house who love to touch stuff. Then its perfect to have a container that protects from spills and hot dangerous coffee. Okay maybe one more thing. The smell when you release the airlock is devine. 

This is an upgraded version of the classic VHS-60. Here primarily the lid and the pouring mechanism have been upgraded. You can now easily take apart and wash the lid completely inside if you want. And also adjust how fast you want to be able to pour in three steps. 

The steel thermos jug from Hario holds the heat very well, is easy to pour from and unbreakable.

Beautiful design that fits right in with the rest of the brewing equipment from the V60 series, but discreet enough to fit well on any kitchen bench or dining table. 






Should not be washed in a dishwasher

Practical capacity 02: 550ml

Size 02:  W182mm × D135mm × H155mm

Weight: approx. 600g

Made in Japan.