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We are always looking for great function and form when it comes to the simple coffee mug. Then we found the Hario Miolove mug. These durable double walled mugs keep your coffee hot, without burning your hand. They fit in any car cupholder and a perfect size for any road trip. It will last for years to come and you will help do your little part with less paper waste in the world from all those takeaway cafe cups. 

Drink in coffee aroma like wine in a glass.

MIOLOVE heightens the joy of your coffee drinking experience. The round tulip shape of the body will enhance the flavour and aroma of your chosen coffee.


Designed together with Odd-Steinar Tøllefsen, Norway’s World Brewers Cup Champion 2015.

Message from Odd-Steinar Tøllefsen
The original idea behind the MIOLOVE (why you wanted to make “MIOLOVE”?)
I wanted to make a sustainable and reusable take-away cup for both warm and cold drinks. A cup enhancing the flavours and taste. Also the design and shape was important : it needed to look good and feel good in your hand.

What aspect of MIOLOVE were you most insistent on?
The flavour and taste always no 1 priority! The tulip-shape encourages you to swirl the cup to release the aroma (without lid on). The tulip-shape is also very important to trap the aromas inside the cup, so you can inhale the aromas while drinking. This will strengthen the perception of flavour. The shape also feels very nice in your hand.

A Message that you would like to share with consumers.
The best drinking experience you will get, is using a cup without lid! For me the lid is only for transportation, or if you are in a hurry and need to drink fast.
The best thing to do, keep the lid on until you reach your destination - at work, in the park, beach etc. The coffee will stay perfectly warm or cold for a long time in this cup, so there’s no hurry. Just take your time and enjoy your favourite coffee in your favourite spot.

Any other comments / thoughts about MIOLOVE
MIOLOVE is made with 100% love. My experiences, knowledge and good memories from my coffee career all come together in this cup.


  • Round Tulips shape helps contain the coffee’s flavor and aroma.  You can swirl the cup to release the flavor and aroma of the coffee while drinking.
  • Thermal insulation maintains both hot and cold beverages.  The double-wall keeps your drink hot or cold for hours, while the outer wall maintains a comfortable holding temperature.
  • Durable and lightweight for outdoor activities.MILOVE will be your first choice for camping, picnics, and other outdoor activities.
  • A shape designed to fit in your hands. MIOLOVE holds 8-10 ounces and fits in most car cup-holders.
ITEM NAME Stainless Steel Mug MIOLOVE
SIZE Φ77 × H106
Diameter of top 66
CAPACITY Practical Capacity 270mL
MATERIAL Body / Stainless steel
Lid / Polypropylene
Packing / Silicone rubber