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Premium Cafec filters for Aeropress
Premium Cafec filters for Aeropress

Premium Cafec filters for Aeropress

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Common to all Cafec filters is that the water flows evenly through as the pores in the filter are evenly distributed due to the roller method. Our filter for Aeropress has been rolled using something called the "wet-crepe method". This means that one side is a little smoother than the other. We recommend that the smooth side faces the coffee for best results, but both sides work well.

As a result of it being crepe only on one side, the total surface area is low, which gives the paper a high density.
Thanks to the high density of the paper, it also captures the fine coffee grounds better, which can contribute to a clearer brew.

They are made by the Japanese manufacturer Sanyo Sangyo and are produced in Beppu, Japan. Cafec filters are designed for specialty coffee and are considered the best on the market for hand brew.

  • Designed for use with specialty coffee
  • Biodegradable
  • Filters are smoother - as there are no thinner or denser areas on the filter
  • Made from paper (virgin pulp)
  • Precision cut to perfectly fit the classic Aeropress brewer
  • 0.15 mm thickness
  • Each pack contains 100 filters