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Alps Military Diner Mug
Alps Military Diner Mug
Alps Military Diner Mug

Alps Military Diner Mug

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The so-called "Military Mug," which was first created during World War II, was ideal for the requirements of mobile military forces. Soon after every Marine and G.I. was bragging about one, its renown quickly extended to every establishment serving coffee along America's East Coast. These handy mugs quickly gained popularity as a symbol of diner coffee culture, earning them the moniker "the diner mug."

It makes a great gift for any coffee lover out there or a nice memory after visiting "this place" we love,  called Hemsedal.  

Technical Specs

Material: Stoneware

Colour: Beige

Size: H x 8.5 cm W x 20cm

Volume: 350ml 

Weight: 500g