Kåret til mest favorittbrenner av Radio Norge - Bli med i Mountain Rescue Club Coffee Abonnement for oktober er Kenya AA Gachartha // Nykommere: Colombian Decaf og 2nd Halloween limited edition: The Scream & Fathers Day Mountain Dad Blend tilgjengelig i dag.// Alps HQ open man-fre(Kl 10.-16).

Mountain Rescue Club- Coffee Subscription: May

 Roast - Brew

We love brewing this months coffee for espresso but works for all filter methods.

Enjoy our friend and Coffee Queen, Veronika Galova show you how to brew a perfect cup of V60 coffee:




 Some short stories and interesting things we have been up to:

1.) We hope to have some club coffee tastings here at Alps HQ. Keep an eye out for dates and times

2.) An Alps cafe partner The  Bear House Cafe is open for business now. Check out one of best new cafes in Hallingdal in the heart of Nesbyen. Will be suppling their fresh espresso and filters again this summer.

3.) We welcome Håvard to the Team. He will be coming in as roast production assistant and logistics specialist. He is in training and learning fast. Lots of coffee tastings and learning the ropes of the roastery. So if you come into Alps HQ please say hi.